Patient: Debra

"If you need a place to go for therapy, Real Physical Therapy is the place. As soon as you walk in the door you feel welcome by Lisa and Josie everyday.   When I first started I couldn't even raise my left arm at all from my hip and my right arm was beginning to get the same way. Went to see a orthopedic doctor and he started me with Real Physical Therapy and that is where I meet Lysette and Herbie. There are more therapist there that help work on you when needed. So anyone there can help you. I have been to other therapy places and this place help me more one on one than any other places did. I feel like I have came a long ways to getting where I am at now, with my arm up in the air and more muscle and control of my arm. Another individual that help me was Emma. She was always there if I needed help or was always checking on me to make sure I wasn't hurting and she loves to make you laugh. I am so grateful for Lysette, she help me stay positive that one day I would be back to normal with my arms and made me a believer that people do care and they are not just there for money, they are truly there for you. I feel like by the time I left there we were all family. I hope I see them somewhere in town soon. Thanks for all there help.